WD My Book 3TB no longer recognized

Hi all. Seems others have this problem but I wanted to share my experience. I bought the My Book 3TB external drive for my WD TV Live 2 years ago. Started out working great. After a year it stopped working. The blue light flashes, you can hear the disk, but it is not recognized by the TV Live. Connected to PC and same problem. After numerous power cycles it finally came back to life. Now a year later the same thing has happened but now it is not coming back to life. Does it make sense the disk should die after 2 years? Does anyone know any possible solutions? Thanks a lot for any help. Much appreciated.


Test the drive using the DLG tool. 

See if the following link helps.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have already tried that. The LifeGuard app shows the faulty drive in the list of logical devices but no tin thte list of the physical devices. To run a test you need to right click on an item in the physical list. Since it’s not there I cannot run the test. I opened a support ticket to WD on this but they didn’t have an explanation for why LifeGuard wouldn’t find the disk. Eevntually the disk recovered and evn then it did not show up in LifeGuard. Still a mystery.