MY Book 3.0 does not read. Do not trust it anymore. Pitch it?

After two years of very limited use- I started having read issues with my MY BOOK 3.0 2TB drive.

I would have to disconnect and reconnect the drive to get it to read files.

I moved everything off of it when I coudl get it to read and reformatted and reinstalled drivers.

Plugs into an Asus mobo 3.0 USB port.

Windows 7 says drive is fine- but it is not.

Will read for awhile and then when I come back later will not open files.

Basically do not trust it anymore to store data.

It is out of warranty now by a couple months.

Do I just pitch it???

I did update the FW to 1.010.

Not sure if that will do anything at all.

On firmware updates I believe if it ain’t broke don’t fixit. It is possible that the firmware update is part of the problem if the problem started right after the update. Go to WD and find the download for Digital Life Guard and run that and see if it shows anything. You might also try deleting the USB 3 drivers and reinstalling them. USB 3 seems to have more problems than USB 2. You can also try the drive on USB 2 and see if the problem is there also. If it works without problems in USB 2 then the problem would be in the USB 3 chain.