WD2500B011 issues

I only use this Ex drive for photos from vacations ( so I don’t have it hook up a lot ) I went to use the other day and after hooking it up, nothing happens. When I power it on, there is no noise made by the unit. If I had to guess since its been awhile, the blue light seems to be dimmer than it used to be. As far as the computer goes, it never even shows up as a drive option.

Edit: Operating system is Windows 10 pro 64bit

Any ideas? Thank you.

Hello cwest,

You can use Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool to check the health of the drive. If drive fails, indicates physical hard drive issue and may use Data Recovery tool to recover the important data from the drive.

Ok great thank you. I appreciate your advice. I will give it a shot!

Turns out the power output from the inline box wasn’t enough to run the HD anymore. New cable, works great.