WD My Book 2TB external HD Buzzing/beeping sound

as of this post 20-30 min ago my external HD started making the same sound and its light is blinking just like the one in this video. it also starts making the noise as soon as it’s turned on regardless of whether or not the USB cable is connected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E8-5jXlZvo In the comments of the video one person said it was a header problem, Is this true? (if so then god that **bleep**) if not then does anyone know what the problem actually is? The My Book has never been dropped and never had anything spilled on it. It has lead a sheltered protected life because I DIDN’T want to lose my data or have something like this happen.

Hi zinkage, sorry to hear you cannot access your files. As a troubleshooting step try connecting the My Book power cable directly to the wall, if the problem continues you can call support and request a replacement power cable. If you need to recover your files, you can contact any of the data recovery partners on the WD support page. Check the links below for more information.



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