WD MY Book 2TB - creating automatic folders on drive - anyone explain why?


I have a 2TB My Book external drive.

It seems to be creating random folders on its own and i do not know why.

The names of the folders make no sense and I cannot delete them.

Name examples: 4f562c98e0da49830ec7b66e6011b0

Most of them are empty but some have this file in them:

MpMiniSigStub.exe  or mrtstub.exe

Anyone know what this is and how can I stop it?




.exe files being automatically created is a serious sign of virus infection. I would recommend scanning your device (And your entire system) with your an anti-virus application, and proceed to fully clean the unit by using the write zeros (Full erase) option of Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics for Windows. This will perform a low-level format sector-by-sector.