WD has stopped working

I have a WD that i bought has a back up for my Mac. It worked fine for awhile. Now it is not working at all. I have several images, video’s and other things backed up on it and it will not open or do anything. My Mac says it can not repair it. How do I get it to work again to be able to get the backed up digital things from my computer out of it. I feel rather lost here. Help!

Are you trying to repair it via Disk Utility? Please share the message screenshot which says can’t repair it?

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I am not sure what the disk utility is. At this time I have sent it off to be repaired or get my images out of it. Going to cost me a mint. Take care!
Beth Gwinn

Alright; but did you tried a data recover software beforehand? Usually software are less costlier than services.

Thank you! This is my first External Hard drive. I didn’t know there was soft ware. WD did not have anything that I read about software, but it may have been and I didn’t understand what it was telling me. I only saw the places to do the recovery and they are so expensive I wonder if it is a scam. Take care!
Beth Gwinn