WD Gold and WD Black

Greetings, I’m doubtful, I want one of these discs for HEDT, a PC for creative to use as a multimedia disc, I know all the specifications between the WD Black and WD Gold, I know that according to the manufacturer I should choose the WD Black because it is created for content creators and gamer, but I like the WD Gold better, although it is designed for servisors and data centers, its performance seems better, in addition to the lower noise levels. I suppose that the problem that I could have with WD gold would be compatibility with the firmware or the drivers, since the hardware is almost the same.

My question is: if there would be no problem in the operation when using it as a creative or gamer?

What problems could it present in order to acquire it?

I would like to know more information about their differences in terms of the drivers if possible.

Thanks a lot