WD Black vs Gold question


I have been looking at Hard Decision (WD Gold VS WD Black), which gets very close to my issue which is which high capacity to put in my Dell XPS8700 Desktop… however, but I could do with some clarification please on a couple of issues…

The last comment by Dent on the 13 Aug mentions the way the Gold deals with bad blocks. This seems to be a very good reason to choose a Black model if it is to go into a Desktop.
Is that comment still valid? I have not seen any follow-ups.

The Gold is attractive becuase it is capable of holding 8Tb. This is my desired capacity. However there does not appear to be an 8Tb Black equivalent. Is that status likely to change before Christmas?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, boggle,

WD® do not recommend to use WD® Gold hard drive on computers as it is surveillance drive. Moreover we do not have any such information about that we are going to announce 8TB of WD® Black hard drive or not. Once we get any update we will notify you.

Thank you for the information Rocky.S. Appreciated. I shall wait a while to see what happens to the Black.

However, could you briefly just clarify your post please?

I am confused by your posting because WD are showing GOLD as a storage solution and the surveillance drives are shown as Purple :

Was this just an error?


Hi boggle,

I do apologize for the wrong information provided over the last comment, The Gold drive is used for data center.