Gold or black

Hi, I’m going to buy a new internal HDD for my pc,

WD102KRYZ GOLD 10TB Approximately € 250

WD101FZBX BLACK 10TB Approximately € 335

85 € more based on what? What does black have more than gold?

Thanks a lot in advance to those who respond

Maybe some info HERE

The Gold disks are good for NAS and general purpose storage. They are helium filled and are perpendicular recorded for good performance.

Ok perfect but gold specs are better, because then black costs more?

I have no idea why black series are costing more

check on newegg and see if its a scalper selling the disks

WD’s Gold HDDs are often rebadged HGST models. I prefer HGST.

In fact the WD101FZBX Black also looks like a HGST model:

The vent holes identify both the Gold and Black as air drives.

One way to differentiate WD and HGST models is via the WWN. A WWN that begins with 5000CCA denotes HGST, whereas 50014EE is Western Digital.

In short, both are 7200 RPM models, and both are air drives.

4TB WD blue disks in Canada are down to $99 shipped

A SSD however would improve performance but 2TB is a tad more pesos