WD Gold vs Ultrastar DC HA210?

I have looked at the PDF specs sheets for the Ultrastar HUS722T2TALA604 (DC HA210 2TB) and the WD2005FBYZ (Gold 2TB). Both specs sheets for the 2TB read identical, same platters/heads, areal density, cache, 2M MBF. I can’t find any difference between them, except the Ultrastar is $30-40 more than the Gold. So is there any real difference between them, or are they the same bare drive with a different label put on them?




Both the drive are of different brands with different limited warranties. You can purchase any of the drives as per your requirements/evironments and needs.

Wow, that really doesn’t help. Both drives read the same on the specs sheets that I linked to, and both have a 5 year warranty. That’s why I was asking if there was a difference between them or if they are the same bare drive just with a WD Gold lable on one and a Ultrastar DC HA210 label on the other. I can’t find any specs difference.