WD Elements won't mount and Invalid PEOF catalog

This is my back up drive and it will not mount nor can be read. I tried using Disk Utility which failed. The WD app can’t mount it.

Before it failed, I get notifications that the disk was ejected improperly even though I did nothing to eject it.

Should I use Disk Warrior to fix it?.

When you connect an external hard drive on Mac, it will show up on Desktop, Finder, and Disk Utility. But sometimes the external drive won’t appear on any of these places. To fix the issue, you can try the below methods:

  1. Change MacOS settings
  2. Reset Mac firmware settings
  3. Fix external hard drive connectivity issue
  4. Troubleshoot external hard drive
  5. Recover data from non-mounting external mac hard drive using reliable data recovery software

Further, I suggest you to check the below link for detailed steps to be followed in each method above.

Hope it helps!

Unfortunately, not working. Disk Utility can’t mount it to fix it. I ordered a new USB cable to see if it is the cable that is the issue. Have to wait until it comes in. It is my back up drive so the data recovery isn’t as important and I back up using Backblaze as well.

I’m having the same issue, especially since upgrading MacOS to Moneterey. I’ve connected an older WD I had prior to updating to this one and it connected fine. I’ve reconnected my WD and I just have the blinking white light on the front. It’s not showing up on my Desktop, Finder, and Disk Utility.