WD Elements error - parameter is incorrect


All my clients photos are stored on the hard drive - its coming up with the above error (and yes I know i should have done a back up… but I didnt!!) my brother did a bit of research and it said for him to do a chkdsk/f/r which we have done but it is still on 11% (and its been running for 2 days). Do I take it out? what do I do next? how do I recover the images? im really stressing out :frowning:

“The Parameter is incorrect” is one of the common issue related to external drives which may lead to 2 major issues:

i) Cannot Copy Files
ii) Drive becomes inaccessible

“The parameter is incorrect” issue can occur due to various reasons like Virus infection, Unsafe removal of hard drive, Power failure, Bad sectors, and Corrupt file system. Though the issue can be resolved; below are the few possible solutions to fix the issue:

  1. Run CHKDSK
  2. Run SFC Scan
  3. Use Antivirus Program
  4. Format the external drive

Further, you can check the below link to know the detailed process to fix the issue:

Hope that will help!