WD Passport 2tb files not accessible

When I plug in my passport I can see the files(takes a long time to load), but I can’t move them from passport to my computer


Have you tried to connect your drive to another system? If yes, then is it behaving the same in another system also?

Yes I have and Yes it does.

As per my understanding, your drive is not compatible with the latest OS of your system. You need to update the drive’s driver software in order to make the drive compatible with the system.

Hope this will help you!

There might be incorrect parameter issue with your drive because the incorrect parameter issue related to external drives may leads to 2 major issues:

i) Cannot Copy Files
ii) Drive becomes inaccessible

Here you can try the below possible solutions to fix the issue:

  1. Run CHKDSK
  2. Run SFC Scan
  3. Use Antivirus Program
  4. Format the external drive

Further, you can check the below link to know the detailed process to fix the issue:

Hope this will help!

Unable to do any of the things you suggested!

So you are telling me my drive is not compatible with Windows 10?

This might be the case. I am just suggesting you to check whether it is compatible to latest OS or not.