WD elements 500 GB not reading

Hi there,

I’ve got the Western Digital Elements 500GB external hard drive and I’m having some problems with it.

The drive shows that it has been connected (notified through the USB connected icon in task menu). I can view the drive in the explorer, but cannot access it. The drive is also shown in the Disk Mangagement window and is shown as Healthy (Primary partition). Tried changing the drive letters as suggested by an earlier post, but to no avail. The power light is on and the disk is spinning. Cannot make out what is the problem.

I’m here to look for suggestions


Have you tried using the drive on a different computer?

As I stated in another post, go to: Easeus.com/partition-manager/ and d/l their free version of partition manager. This will let you look at the drive and maybe get and an idea what is wrong.