Wd elements 3tb usb3 partitions


I want to ask how many partitions has this external hard disk and if it does more than 1 mbr i want to simply format it and create one and only mbr for this hard drive.

Can i do that?

I ask that because i have one mybook series and even i do that still my pc when i connect that mybook series regonise 2 hard disk partitions and not one.

So what is going to happened at wd elements 3tb usb3 when i format and create one and only 1 mbr ntfs partition?

How many drive it will regonise my pc when i connect that hard disk?

And another thing i want to ask is what is going to happened if at this hard disk happened that:


Can or i can’t simply connect the hard disk 3.5" without the case to any pc and have the data i was on it or i have the same issues as i was at 1tb external hard disk above?

Hi fits79, out the box the My Book and Elements external drives come formatted in a single partition. If the one you are using has two partitions you can follow the steps on the link below to format it using one, note that formatting a hard drive deletes all of the files. 

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX 

Note that extracting the drive from the case is not supported. The Elements internal drive is not encrypted so you should be possible to connect it directly to a PC. In any case I recommend you to contact support directly for any data loss case. 


You mean that the elements series is NOT encrypted so even without the case and the hard disk drive alone i can see the files i was copy inside it with the case correct?

I ask that because as you see i have ISSUES when by mistake i broke the mybook case and i CAN’T get back the files i have inside the hard disk drive so i DON’T want to have this issue again if i broke the case again.