Accidentally formatted My Book 1Tb - need to restore

Had accidentally formatted my 1Tb My Book drive.

Basically need to restore the partition table. Don’t remember the sizes of partitions.

Think it was 250Gb, 250Gb, 250Gb, remainder.

WD P/N: WD10000H1U-00

Have tried many utils and given up (almost) a while ago.

Partitions need to be recreated exactly to decrypt data.

Please guide and ask questions.

WinXP, Partition Magic8

This will be a trial an error kind of job for you until you find the right partition size

otherwise you’ll need another data recovery program

Few clarifications:

  • this had happened not yesterday, some time ago

  • did some trial and error, no success - that’s why decided to ask advice here

  • formatted using HP USB Disk storage format tool, if that makes a difference

When I bought a drive to clone My Book it was from different manufacturer.  When cloning I realized the target drive was “smaller” than source.  Now, if I were to buy another My Book how can I be sure the actual drive inside is the same as I have?  Heard WD uses different drives in their external enclosures.

All help is appreciated.

Looking at Elements drive now.

WD Elements WDBPCK0010-NESN 1TB Portable USB 3.0

What are the chances the drive inside is same/different from the one I have??