WD Elements 1.5TB on Win7 64-bit. System Sees Drive as BD-ROM

Hello All,

 I just unpacked my WD Elements 1.5TB drive and followed the minimal quick install instructions.

 The OS (Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit) found a driver (the driver is:  WD Ext HDD 1021 USB Device

which I can read if I select the device in the Computer window and select Properties/Hardware)

The Drive appears in the Computer window as a BD-ROM with no removable media installed.

If I launch “Computer Management/Disk Management”

I see a 1.397GB drive with one partition

I’m sure this is the WD Elements drive.

But I cannot access it since, as noted above, Windows thinks it’s a BD-ROM drive.

This error does not show up on the first page of a Google Search. I would appreciate help from the wise heads here.

My PC is an HP laptop, dv6-2150us


It seems that I misinterpreted that BD-ROM icon, which I’m not sure what it is (possibly virtual clone drive).

But I noticed that in Computer Management/Disk Management

the 1.4GB device did not have a drive letter assigned. After assigning one, the WD Elements drive shows up in the Computer window and is accessible.

Good to know… I was wondering while i was reading the first post about that BD-ROM first time I see this. :manfrustrated: