WD Element Transfer Rate


I recently bought a WD 3 TB Element. MyOS is Widows 7, 3.0 USB.

I read another post on this forum that he was getting a rate 120MBs.

I have 20MBs,I called WD tech support and was told 20 is normal. 

What am I missing here,do I have a faulty drive?



What is the exact model of this WD Elements? If it is a USB 2.0 model then 20 MB/s is normal for most systems, while stronger computers will reach around 40 MB/s. If it is USB 3.0, then check your system drivers and the physical port you are using as it should reach around 90 MB/s on most USB 3.0 systems.



It’s a 3.0 Model,

Thanks !


That is about the right transfer rate for USB 2. Make sure all of your USB drivers are up to date. Sometimes the USB ports on a desktop work better than those on front. Also don’t connect through a hub.