WD Element 1TB not open by any LED TV

I am an old user with WD , I already have 2 external HDD of WD . one is 500GB and 1 is 2TB My Passport
and both are working when I connect them to my new SONY LED TV .
Last week I bought a new 1TB element modal and disappointed when I saw its not working on LED TV .
error : Device does not support .
I called to the support team of WD and they said they stopped this feature in new models .
I am very sad to hear this , how we can use the HDD in all ways now .
its like I wasted 4000INR on it as its not useful now .And I can return it because shopkeeper said he can not take it back , and talk to WD for this .
Kindly suggest how to fix this problem .

WD please add this option again because without this u will loose many loyal customers like me :frowning:

If a 2TB My Passport works with the SONY LED TV … then a 1TB Elements should as well

(I own 3x 1TB Elements Portable HDD’s all work FINE on my Panasonic Plasma TV)

First thing to check is, how is the 1TB Elements formatted ? eg. NTFS, exFAT etc
and the next thing is what is the Format Partition Type ? eg. MBR or GPT

Then you need to compare all these findings with your working 500GB and 2TB and see what’s different.

I compared it with my 2TB HDD . and both have same NTFS Formate and same allocation size .
i do not know about how to compare eg. MBR or GPT .

The thing is WD India support team said they disconti. the WD hard drive to work in TVs .
i do not know what i will do now . support is very poor this time by WD .

On a Windows PC …

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management, and select Disk Management.
On the left of the right lower pane, right-click on Disk 0 (or Disk 1, Disk 2 etc) and select Properties. Select the Volumes tab

P.S. call Sony Support to see what they advise … it takes two to tango :smirk:

Did u read my first post ?
WD support team saying that they stopped external Hard disk working in TV .
All new HDD doesn’t working in TVs led. That’s the problem .
Its not issue of SOnY .

Yes i did …
i have a few new WD HDD’s (last one bought about a week ago) and they all work fine on my TV.
Some people have trouble with HDD’s on their TV some do not.

So, i have my doubts “techinical reason” WD gave you (which i’ve never heard of before) … is incorrect

Anyways, Good Luck :slight_smile:

its like i a min darkness now , WD not helping me .
Wastage of Money

WD support can u help me ?
Or not

I believe you are misunderstanding the very purpose of the WD Community, which is user-to-user interaction. Staff members may post once in a while, but Western Digital has official, direct support channels for addressing technical issues. Users should not expect constant, steady, and/or direct responses from WD Staff members while on the forum. However, we have passed this along to support and someone will contact you soon.

Thanks for reply . Actually i alredy opened a support ticket too for this but not getting any kind of help so i posted here .
I bought this HDD for my kids so they can view the videos in TV . But now its seems a wastage of money .
Let me share the conversation of WD support team .
Today i got a call fr WD team for this issue and they said now the TV feature is disabled from WD HDD. I am very disappointed. I told them to replace this device and give me a device that work in everywhere so the purpose of this HDD will complete . On this WD support bluntly said u can go to shopkeeper and tell them to take it back. What is this
Do u think if u bought a device from a reseller and he will take it back and give me money ? Rather then WD will replace this fauly device and give me a working one .

I am not blaming u or argumenting here .
I big fan of WD from past serveral years
I have 2 TB passport HDD , 500gb external HDD . And in my pc too i always use WD and recommend WD products to every one .
But this time i am disappointed :cry:
I hope u will help me on this and solve this problem .

Thanks again for your great services .

Change the Volume Type GPT to MBR than its working

Enter CMD Prompt
Than Type diskpart press enter
Than Enter disk list press enter
than a list was appeared
in that list find your external hard disk like disk 0 or disk 1 (find through disk capacity)
that type select disk 1 and press enter
than type clean and press enter
than exit

after that

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management, and select Disk Management.
On the left of the right lower pane, right-click on Disk 0

right click on partition and select create new and select MBR than continue as it requuired

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Hi, My WD element is not open by any LED TV too, how yours now? What should I do? Please give me suggest. Thanks

No solution. I changed element with a new WD ultra and same issue.
WD disable the TV support. It only work in PC.

I checked HDD in my friend sony led and it work but not for me.
No solution for this problem except buy a new HDD of a different brand.

or convert the HDD Partition from GPT to MBR as suggested … which we don’t even know if you’ve done ?


all suggesions given by joey smyth are working
just go to control panel
computer manage
various sites gives suggestions on how to convert disk from GPT to MBR
this is one link i followed

now on conversion you need to creat partition else disk not work
creat partition
and enjoy
i am happy now my wd element one tb working fine

Hello sir. I have 1tb WD hard Disk. I formatted it to ExFat on my Mac. It is not working on my Samsung Smart Tv. Can you please help me out. Because it is very annoying.

Hi, i bought new WD my passport 1TB , and i have Toshiba LED but its not working on my LED , and i am not a technical guy so can anyone please help me out in this.


Convert your 1TB to MBR Partition Style and format it to what your Toshiba LED Supports (ie. FAT32, exFAT or NTFS) consult your TV User Manual.

Thank you for the reply , its been resolved and its working absolutely fine now on my toshiba led.

I bought a new WD Elements last week. This is also my problem. I converted GPT to MBR and it resolved the issue :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!