3Tb WD element

hi guys i’m new here…just a question why does my 3tb wd element doesn’t work on my tv while my 1tb does,do i have to install something on the hard drive so that the tv can read my movies and videos there? my tv is skyworth…thanks in advance guys

1st you have to check what the Maximum Size HDD your TV supports and also what format eg. NTFS, exFAT, FAT32 etc

2nd you need to check what HDD Partition Style your TV supports.

A lot of older TV’s only support MBR (Master Boot Record) and not GPT (GUID Partition)

Older WD HDD’s used MBR, But due to it’s 2TB Maximum capacity … all new WD HDD’s are GPT which supports over 2TB.

I’m pretty sure your problem will be the 3TB is GPT Partitioned … unfortunately, partitioning it to MBR will only give you 2TB for your movies.

Only other solutions … buy a Media Player (my RPi3 and Android S905X Box Support GPT) or buy a new TV :frowning: