WD elements 4TB external hard disk is not working with android tv

WD elements 4TB external hard disk is not working with android tv

If you need help, then you will have to provide a lot more information … people aren’t mind readers.


What Brand / Model Android TV Box do you have ?

Have you searched for anyone else with this problem on the Brand/Model Android TV Box you have ?

What format is the WD Elements ? NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, HFS etc etc

Have you tried another Hard Drive ?

Have you tried a different USB Cable or Input on the Android Box

etc etc

I’m having the same issue…I have a elements 4tb I have reformatted changed to gtp , ntfs assigned drive letter. this works fine in PC but when I plug into seagate android box or Himedia Q10 pro media box, it will not show up at all… I have a 3tb my book that works fine and shows up on both media players…I can’t figure this out…any ideas ? thx

Mine is WD My Passport(1TB) and it supports on my Laptop and it even works when i connect it to my phone with an OTG. But when i connect it to my LG Smart TV(UM73), it’s telling me i need to format it in order to see it but even after formatting it(i’ve tried it 3 or 4 times), it’s not working and keeps telling me the same thing. Idk if it’s the problem with my TV or the Hard disk because it supports other hard disks.
I haven’t put any password on it either.
If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know, thank you!

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I too am facing a similar issue. I have 2 TB WD had external that is formatted as MBR and NTFS and had all my files. This files used to work with all the file managers seamlessly on X96 Max plus tv box.

I decided to upgrade and that’s the mistake I did. The new hdd wd elements 4 TB one is not detected automatically with GPT NTFS. So tried with paragon drivers but unusably slow. Then formatted the 4 TB into partitions of less than 2 TB each. Now without paragon driver, mixplorer and Google files detect. However it takes HUUUUGE time to load the drive (about 7-9 mins). Once it is opened navigation to every subsequent folder is extremely slow. The I formatted one of the three partitions to exFat remaining in NTFS and now the android system is taking even longer to access a file in that partition. I am trying to run a 4 K video through VLC and it doesn’t even go through. Any suggestions?