WD Easystore Desktop

I no longer see the drive letter that was popping up when looking at my drive. The drive letter for my WD Easystore no longer appears. When I downloaded the utility software it does not seem to be the correct software. The software I downloaded was WD Drive Utilities Version The WD Easystore Desktop does not show up in the list of drives of this version. Running this software does not pull up my drive. Can anyone help or have any clues and to what is going on.

maybe there’s a drive letter assignment conflict ?

try manually assigning a drive letter that’s not being used … eg. maybe try Z or X or Y ?

When I go to Disk Management in Windows 10, my WD Easystore Desktop drive does not show up at all. I am hoping that WD can give me the utility software that can see this drive. If Windows 10 could see the drive I could assign a letter to it. I know how to do that.

ok, sorry, i don’t know what the problem is then … i was just offering a suggestion :confused:

hope you can get it sorted out.