WD - easystore® 4TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

Hi Folks,
I’ve ordered a few of these 4TB USB 3.0 portable drives from Best Buy. Apparently the “Easystore” drives are a private line sold only through Best Buy, and it seems specification detail isn’t available from either WD or BB. So a general question stems from my suspicion the Easystore portable USB drives are a repackaging for BB of the WD passport line, and from a performance perspective are essentially identical. Can anyone comment on this speculation? Assuming so what might be the rotational speed and on-board cache buffering for either? My guess is 5400RPM and somewhere between 2~64MB cache, respectively. I just inspected the PCB in a 1TB Elements USB drive to find a 16MB DRAM which is presumably what WD quotes as the drive cache size.

However it seems published detail has fallen by the wayside for this class of drive and such specifications are no longer published. If anyone knows otherwise, I’d appreciate a pointer to the information. In lieu of that, the more general and practical question is whether the product differentiation for “My Passport Ultra”, “WD Elements”, “WD Easystore”, etc… is that of the bundled software alone or whether the actual drive performance varies between these product series?

It is not possible to determine the specifications of the internal hard drive within a WD My Book, My Passport, Elements, or Easystore since it is subject to change. Please visit the following link:


They use the same software and share the same warranty terms as per the User’s Manual. Distinctions seems to be based on branding.

From purchasing the BB 8TB easystore and my follow up research, I suspect that the 4TB easystore could be a BLUE or even a RED NAS drive. I know my 8TB easystore ended up containing a 5400rpm 8TB 256Mb cache RED NAS drive but I also found others only found a BLUE inside. Not sure if info helps or not.