WD Duo Book Upgrade

I have a WD Duo Book 20TB. I wish to replace the drives. I see that WD now sells 12TB Red drives. Can I use two of those thereby increasing the capcity from 20TB to 24TB?

Hello ACCT,

I would suggest you to check the WD Online website with the model number of the device for the maximum capacity which your device can support before making any purchase.

Thanks, Neo33.

The WD website shows a maximum capacity of 20TB.

But if you Google WDBFBE0240JBK, you will see that 24TB My Book Duos are being offered for sale in a variety of countries in Europe, e.g., https://www.techmania.ch/Product/Detail/25910199.

The German WD website shows a max capacity of 20TB. So a little confusing.

Better safe than sorry, I’ve ordered two 10TB Reds.

Appreciate your input.

Fwiw, I now see that WD are selling 24TB & 28TB versions of the WD Duo. So perhaps next time, I can simply purchase the larger WD Red drives.