My Book Duo Max HDD Capacity Size

I have one of the older My Book Duo External Hard Disk Drives (See link at bottom) and I think that the hard drives are starting to wear out.

I want to Upgrade the Hard Drives to something much bigger but the Manual does not specify what the max size is. I was thinking of getting 2x8TB or even the 2x10TB WD Red Drives.

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If you are looking for a bigger capacity My Book Duo. You can also purchase this device from WD Store their Online store specialists will help you to purchase the dezired product.

For more information about the bigger size see this-

WD contact details-

+1, I’m looking for this information as well. Have an even older version than yours - the 2TB - and would love to expand it now, but given the RAID controller making it a non-standard enclosure, I can imagine there might be odd restrictions. Anyone at WD care to answer this? We’d still be potential customers of the bare drives, so there’s not really a need to direct us to new enclosures, like the existing reply does! :wink:

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Did anyone get an answer to this question? I’m in the same situation. If WD doesn’t want to at least provide an answer, then the answer is clear…go buy a Seagate.