WD Drive Unlock missing?

I’m trying to open My Passbook (OSX 10.9.5) and am unable to Unlock it.
It has WD Drive Unlock when I plugin, but when I click it, it shows " You must run the WD Drive Unlock application from the WD Drive Unlock CD associated with the drive you want to unlock. Click Exit, locate and open the related WD Drive Unlock Cd , and then run WD Drive Unlock to unlock the desired drive. PLEASE HELP ME. ASAP!!!

I would even be content with a solution that just removes the password…i just NEED to get in to this drive without losing everything!!

You can download the WD security app from WD website for your Mac and use that to unlock your drive.

Are there any other solutions??
I’ve done that already, and the drive doesn’t show up in that - I suspect because it’s locked and doesn’t show up on the desktop until it’s unlocked. The window for WD security just tells me to attach a supported WD drive.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

If the drive is lock. The only way to unlock is use the WD security software to unlock with your password. Or the unlock from the CD-rom on the drive. There is no other way. You could call WD technical support for further help.