Cannot unlock WD-locked drive!?!?! Any ideas?

I have a 3GB WD My Book Essential (USB 3.0 version) drive that I’m using with my Mac (OS X Ver. 10.9.5).  It’s “locked” (encryped) using the WD software and I’m not able to unlock it.

When I plug it in, the drive is not visible in Finder but I can hear it spin up and “WD Unlocker” mounts on Finder. When I go to that, there is the “” program. When I click on that, a box pops up with this message:

“This drive is not unlocked”…

Name: [This is blank here]

Serial: [This is also left blank]

Size: 0 kb."

Also, I can hear that the drive is active: It’s clicking away like it’s reading/writing. This goes on for a while (15 min or so?) until it finally spins down.

But in the past, the program that is in the volume that automatically mounts has not always worked, but a “WD Drive” that I’d downloaded did. Now when I click on that, I get an error message, “WD Drive Unlock quit unexpectedly.” This happens everytime I try to open it.

I’ve tried restarting the computer, etc. – unplugging and replugging the drive back in – and that doesn’t solve anything.

Any ideas as to how I can access the drive?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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