WD Discovery OSX Mojave Battery drain

Since I’ve updated my Mac to OSX Mojave the WD Discovery App on my Mac the battery drain of my MacBook got so much worse. While running WD Discovery the battery lasts for no more than 2h. In comparison without running the app the battery last for about 9h.
Before I’ve updated to OSX Mojave I normally workout with my MacBook for 7-8h without charging while running WD Discovery.

There is obviously an issue with the WD Discovery App running on a Mac with OSX Mojave. I would appreciate it if you could fix the problem asap.


I am facing the same issue as you
most of Time I just quit wd app to save battery
even during sleep it kills my battery in only 6 hours it uses 19 % but when I quit the app it only uses less than 2 %

Hi @groegm, @dr3mro

This issue has been escalated to higher levels and we are working our best to resolve it in further upcoming updates.

I have uninstalled it for now … This product is a real mess

Same here! You simply can’t use the App as well as the cloud storage atm…:-1:t3:
That is really annoying due to the fact that the MyCloud was quite expensive :rage:

Looking forward to a quick bug-fix!!

@groegm please open a case with support and provide your macOS version and hardware information.

@SBrown I’ve already opened a case with the support on 22nd October. I’ve send them all the information they asked for. Since then nothing happened. No update.
On 6th November they asked me to frequently check the websites for software updates but there are no releases out far…
That is really annoying because I couldn’t use my HomeCloud for about 4 weeks