WD Discovery is not working on M1 / Apple Silicon MacBook Air

I’m always willing to try something so I did just as the article said and when it came back after the reboot the My Cloud Home drive still wasn’t showing up in the finder. Just to be thorough I uninstalled and re-installed WD Discovery but still nothing. Was good idea but I’m afraid we’re still waiting on a solution from WD.

Running with the same problem here. I hope they solve this thing out

My Air with M1 chip said “A program tried to load new system extension(s) signed by Western Digital Corporation Branded Products Group” that need to be updated by the develop." This does not seem to be too difficult for WD to do but they just refused to do it quickly, if not at all. The customer support is a joke.


Let’s hope they update this soon. You would think a large corporation like this would be proactive with compatibility issues. It’s not like Apple springs this on them with no notice.

We deserve better customer service.

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this doesn’t work on M1 chip macs

Western Digital expects to have an update to WD Discovery that will mount the My Cloud Home drive on macOS M1 Processors by July 2021.
Found here: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/30044/kw/m1

Meanwhile I switched from MyCloud Home to a Synology DS220j and I couldn’t been happier. Took weeks to transfer all the data via an old Mac, but now everything is set up.
Had a problem I couldn’t solve, wrote the Synology support, got a reply within a couple of hours with a perfect explanation to fix my problem. WD lost me as a customer forever.

Oh my… Very bad customer support. I also am switching to a new QNAP NAS as I am not willing to wait another 6-7 months. Will probably configure WD to back up my QNAP.

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Wait ? I must wait until July 2021 to use my Cloud Home in Finder like before ? Seriously ? And that from a Company like WD ?

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Please everybody register here for the new beta (Windows and Mac), maybe this will prior the backlog…


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Register? What you mean with that?

register for the new personal content app (beta)

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Ah okay. But how can I get my Files from the Home NOW ? I sold it and must send it to the new Owner but need my Files to upload it to iCloud 2TB.

Only with Web Version or can I plugin it direct to the Computer?

Is EdgeRover now the new App that they talking about?

I got a invite to the Beta.

How do i get that?

EdgeRover does not resolve this issue. The drive can not be selected if connected over the network and as such does nothing to resolve the issue of accessing the My Cloud Home via the network on an M1 Mac AND I believe the app to be x64 only running under Rosetta 2. Happy if anyone can prove me wrong though.

I sat with Tech Support for hours till they figured this out … it does not support ARM Chips which is apples M1. They need to an update for this asap. !!

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WD support needs to improve. Such a big company. It shouldn’t take them this much time to release update for M1 processors


Is there any way to connect direct through finder using the IP address? I cannot get past the username/password. It’s ridiculous I have to upload everything through the web app. Edge rover does not even recognize the My Cloud Home.

My 12tb easystore and 8tb My Book external drives keep crashing every few hours on my Mac Mini - M1. This is not acceptable to be at risk of loosing big data like this. WD please fix it asap.