WD Discovery is not working on M1 / Apple Silicon MacBook Air

Guys I found a solution. I copied the My Cloud Home app on my iPhone to my M1 MacBook Pro and the app is working on the laptop. So although not a perfect solution but at least it gives you the access to your files and can also upload the files through the app


I tried this and could only upload photos?

How do you copy the app to the macbook?

Dealing with the same issue now. Makes no sense, such a big company not supporting the M1 chip that came out almost 5 months ago. Might have to return my product.

You can install imazing on your Mac to copy the app

I decided to switch to Synology instead. Sorry, WD, didn’t want to wait for the update for a year!

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yeah, i also switched to QNAP. Very bad customer support.

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but are you sure that Synology and Qnap are compatible with M1? and support Iphone and Ipad in the same way? I ask because I used a lot of compatibility with other minor devices, as well as with the Mac

Yes, QNAP works great. I have connected my WD via LAN to my QNAP for external backup.

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On their website it says it’s compatible. I think the Synology has a better functionality than WD My Cloud (Synology has its own app even on Apple TV).

I am not sure why this wouldn’t work with Rosetta 2…

I did get the Synology and their app doesn’t work for M1. You don’t really need their app to map it, you can easily do it manually. All settings are done via a browser

I’m using both my cloud home and my cloud in my network.
The WD Discovery never work as should concerning sync, duplicate files and folders.
I use my cloud without any app.

Concerning my cloud home, the only solution access in M1 is with smb


Use another machine to copy the needed files and folders to the Public folder.

its not perfect, but works for me, until…

Yes. I have the same issue.

WD has stated that they don’t support ARM based Macs at the moment. Until a fix is available, you’re either out of luck or you can use the web interface.

I got tired of WDs lack of urgency with the transition to Big Sur and now M1. They had plenty of time to get everything updated prior to the launch of the Apple Silicon machines, but they chose not to. I’m done with their “cloud solution”.

I decided to build my own NAS using a raspberry pi 4, running OpenMediaVault, and two 1 TB drives.

What’s nice, I had all the parts laying around my house. Setup took about an hour and it’s all open source and uses standard SMB.

Once I got it setup, I setup a NetworkShare/ that mounts at boot on all my Macs.

I’m going to transition all the data on the on the MyCloud Home to the RPiNAS, then retire the WD MyCloud drive.

I suggest you do the same. There’s a lot going for this type of setup that uses standards versus locked down proprietary nonsense.

Sorry WD, you messed up bad and you’re losing customers due to your short sightedness.