WD closes my Safepoint case without any response and now email addresses bounce or say not monitored

In case anyone at WD gives a cr^%*&^(*), my case number is [Deleted] regarding the inability of my 3TB My Cloud to set safepoints (like most everyone) to my 3TB My Book.  I was working with a contractor [Deleted] who promised me weekly updates but now it appears he has been let go (and my case went into a black hole) and the other generic email address for support says that it is no longer monitored.  So pretty much SOL.

I have done everything WD has asked and even did the firmware downgrade that works for some…but not me.  I have given them extensive log files and all it have ever gotten back is “development” is looking into it.  Apparently not hard enough. I run a software company and I would have fired this crew long ago.  If you can’t solve your customers’ issues, then you don’t deserve their business.

Can you open a " Support Case" and refer your emails and transcripts, hopefully you kept them, and use your case number?

Their emails never get answered, somehow they either never reach support or they are in a black hole someplace, at least from my experience. I always have had better luck logging a support case on the device that was giveing me issues.

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When there is an increase in email volumne, it can take us more than a day, here in the States, to get back to users.  However, we do reply.  I would remind people to check their spam folders.

We’re having support look into your situation. Someone should be getting back to you within a day.

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Thanks. However, the email addresses that I had been receiving support on no longer work. So, there is no way I would expect a response, even a delayed response.  I look forward to receiving contact from a new support person at WD.

I’ve notified them of your changes.  They will most likely use this email address you’re using for the community.  Otherwise, they may private message you for more recent information.

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Thanks again. Just to clarify, my email address never changed, it was the two WD email addresses that went dark (one bounced and the other auto-replied that it was no longer monitored).

Thanks, got it.

WD decided that the My Cloud was such an unusual case that they sent me a My Cloud Mirror (unfortunately, refurbed) in exchange for the My Cloud.  They want to disect it to see why it won’t act the way they say it should.