WD Caviar Green (WD20EARX)- no good for NAS or?


I purchased my first NAS a Synology 411J 1½ month ago (without disks).

I already had a WD Caviar Green 2TB (WD20EARX)drive, so talking with the dealer I bougth another 3 2TB disks (WD20EARX). Also I checked that the WD Caviar Green are recommended on the Synology Web page. And many dealers sell them with the 411J. I set the thing up in a Raid5 setup. Everything has worked fine, and I started the process of filling stuff pictures and audio to the NAS. 

Then 2 days ago suddenly the NAS started to beep, and it turned out, that one of the disks failed.  I looked on the net, and then I removed the faulty disk, and put it in again. And then I was able use the repair on the disk control screen. The consistency check is now 100%, and now everyting is fine again and all the diskes are running normal.

Now I have looked on the net regarding the issue of LLC count on WD Caviar Green.
My diskes react different to this.

Look the schedule below:

Disk 1, Type=WD20EARX, RRER=0, SUT=6091, POH=697, LCC=189

Disk 2, Type=WD20EARS, RRER=163, SUT=1216, POH=886, LCC=676

Disk 3, Type=WD20EARX, RRER=0, SUT=5525, POH=673, LCC=37570 (This disk failed!, but works now)

Disk 4, Type=WD20EARX, RRER=0, SUT=6416, POH=673, LCC=37580

Explanation: RRER = Raw_Read_Error_Rate

SUT = Spin_Up_Time

POH= Power_On_Hours

The idea with a nas and raid 5 was to have all data collected safe and like a backup in Raid 5. With Raid 5 I would be OK  in the unlikely event that one of the WD disks should fail. 

Im worried reading on the net, is WD20EARX no good for NAS and especially Raid 5? 

Is there a safe workround from WD, maybe a jumper setting ?

Please give me comments om this.


WD20EARX is the worst possible drive EVER for a RAID 5, go to the internal drives section of the board and look for RAID posts using the 4K EARX drives.

In my opinion Raid Edition drives are the best for NAS.


Thanks for the answer

I have asked the same on the synolygy forum. And apperently the Synolygy has a software raid controller, ´that should make the WD Green disks acceptable to use.

Look here:


Opinions to that?