WD Caviar Blue and WD Blue difference?

So I searched on google about the difference between WD Caviar Edition from the regular one without Caviar name
and I didn’t found a proper answer.

can you guys tell me whats the difference from HD’s with Caviar in the name?


According to this Caviar blue are only PATA drives. check these links below and go to “Specifications” for more information.

WD Caviar Blue

WD Blue

This is not right

why they are all 2.5 inch where is 3.5 inch drives? and why there no 1TB version of Caviar Blue or 7200rpm Blue…
I don’t think its because this PATA thing. I saw WD Caviar Blue drives with same Specifications of WD Blue (SATA 6GB, 3.5 inch, 1TB, 64 cache, 7200rpm)

so why there are 2 versions of HDD WD Blue? the Carviar Blue and non-Caviar Blue

You need to read the links the moderator gave you. The “Blue” is a 2.5" drive, and the Caviar BLUE is the 3.5" drive! The moderator didn’t know which size you wanted so he gave you both. Why not thank him first before you snap back. No one can read your mind.

If you want 7200rpm, AND a 3.5" drive, you need to be looking at the Caviar Black line of drives. The Blue line is less expensive because it is NOT 7200rpm, etc.

Anyway, what is this drive going into and for what purpose? System or Data drive? If it is to boot your computer get the Black, if it for data only get the Blue.

Well I heard they droped Caviar from the name when they release Red series then Caviar being an old version of Blue.

I’ll get Blue btw, its 7200rpm 3.5" 1TB this is the model number WD10EZEX
http://www.wdc.com/global/products/specs/?driveID=1092&language=1 , its not less than 7200rpm as you said, it have same specs as Black but it has an mid-performance compared with Green and Black.
WD Black is too expensive here its like $125 when the blue is $75 converted from BRL to USD.
I’ll use for gaming and everyday computing, I’m getting a new HDD mostly for the space because I download big sized games, not looking for SSD since they are expensive and with low space and dies fast.
Thanks for your time anyway.

OK, go get it.