Release order for WD drives: Green -> Black -> Blue?

After WD developed 500Gb platters, Green was the first drive to use them, followed by Black (2Tb) and Blue (500Gb). So what was the order when 333Gb platters first came out? I’m waiting for 1Tb Blue drive to come out but it appears that the highest capacity Blue drive is only 640Gb compared to 2Tb for both Green and Black… Does that mean Blue drives usually don’t come out with the highest capacity?

I haven’t see anything about that either.  that’s a good question.  it took a while before the caviar blacks came out, so I guess it’ll take the about the same for the caviar blues to hit the shelves.

Oh so there will be a Caviar blue with higher capacity? That’s a relief, some people were saying Blues won’t come out with high capacity anymore because nobody’s really interested in Blue drives anymore. (They’re wrong!) And I was getting rather tired of waiting without a clue :slight_smile: So the release order for WD drives before was Green->Black->Blue too, after 333Gb platters came out?

I would watch WD’s press release page for when they announce a new product - it’s usually 30-60 days after that you can find them easially in stores (not always, but as a general rule - WD drives are the highest quality available so new drives usually sell out for the first few months from my personal experiences)

Thanks for the reply!