WD BLUE - Slow small files directorys

I’ve bought 3 WD BLUE’s in the past year. Ive always used blue or black with no problems.

With these recent 3 BLUES, I noticed same behaviour. When directory has many small files (well, not even have to be that many) the drive reading becomes very slow.
Clicking directory freezes the explorer for 1minute to read files until it opens it.
Programs takes long time to load these files from directorys.

This happens in all the recent new bought 3 BLUE drives. Ive bought them under a year from time to time. In my other Blues Ive had for years this never happened. I even have more small files in some of the other drives. I have 6x other Blue drives that dont do this.

This problem occurs only with the new blues ive bought under year.

Ive also read WD blended the Green line to Blue with 5400RPM blue line, which makes me think, does the new blue drives has green “technology” inside, even when its 7200RPM.

The blues I used to buy cost 65-80€. Now Blues cost 45€. Ok, drives get cheaper, but why wouldnt they make it perform poorer too, to compensate the price drop… Maybe im just paranoid, or realistic.

Ive been more than 15 years with WD.
Currently. If WD Black is repackaged Blue, and WD Blue is something else, what I can buy, or trust?

Hi tokko,

You should run a quick smart test using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic to check the performance of the Blue internal drives in this concern. Failing of this test would indicate the issue with the drive that needs to replace.