WD blue shorted : what's beyond tvs diode?

A power supply failure caused the +5v and +12v wires to be shorted. It of course killed my pc motherboard but also the wd blue drive I had attached.
Long story short, the 5v tvs diode (D3) on the drive main board did it’s job and it was shorted, but even if I remove it the drive is still not working (nothing spin inside when connected to a new power supply, and of course not detected on the pc), I tested with a multimeter and no power is comming on the pins that connect the electronic board and the actual hard drive.
I also tested the zero-ohm resistor (R67) and its not an open circuit, also tested the other 12v tvs diode and zero-ohm resistor, they seems to be ok.
So the question is, what other parts on the board may have failed?

He is a picture of the board.