Can I use any generic 5v TVS diode to replace an already dead one?

My HDD stopped working two days ago and I’m quite sure it is because the PCB is damaged. I tested the TVS diodes with a multimeter and found one of them is short. It is the 5V one. I’m wondering where I can get a replacement from a UK retailer? The marking on the diode says Z2 which says basically nothing. The HDD is from Toshiba. Will any generic 5v TVS diode work just fine? Cheers.

I have a WD Green drive that I’ve been using for years, in which I simply removed the shorted TVS diode, to revive the drive.

The mistake that killed it was plugging it into one of those miserable, super-cheap, super-low-quality external power adapters which come with some external USB drive adapters. Since then I’ve never used those, I always just use a power lead from a regular PC desktop computer’s power supply. Since my now-unprotected drive lives inside a desktop computer, I think it should be fine.