WD_BLACK P10 4TB External drives not detected

I just purchased 2 brand new WD_Black P10 4TB drives. Plugged them into my Windows 10 desktop…and nothing happens. The computer does not see either of them. The white indicator light is on in both drives and USB connection seems okay.

What the heck is going on?

did you check the drives in disk management???

I believe I found the problem. I have them plugged into a multiport USB hub, which must not be giving them enough power (it was supposed to be a very good hub!). They do show up if plugged directly into the computer.

Now I need to find a better USB hub!

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There are times when we don’t plug hard drive into the correct port. Some drives become undetectable when we connect them via the front port of CPU as they are not compatible with the front port. I would suggest you to check your drive by connecting it to the back side port of CPU.