WD Backup cannot discover WD Essentials 2TB disk

WD Backup cannot discover WD Elements SE 2TB disk. It can be seen in the OS (Windows 10). Windows 10 is completely up-to-date. I am using Kaspersky security software. The WD Backup Drive Helper service can be started manually but is then stopped after WD Backup finishes looking for a drive. This is a brand new drive and as far as I can see it is working fine but just cannot be discovered in WD Backup in order to create a new backup task. I take it that this drive is supported by WD Backup as this software was installed via WD Discovery which was installed from the WD Elements SE 2TB disk itself.

Hi JanField,

I would like to inform you that WD Elements SE is not compatible with WD Backup software. So you have to use the File History feature of the Windows in order to create the automatic backup.

Please refer to the link given below in order to know how to create a backup using the File History feature of Windows 8 and 10.


Sir, with all due respect, why on earth does the WD Element SE come with this software then?? I have spent over an hour to finally find this message. I have been using WD products for over a decade and this really made me angry!
Please correct this if it hasn’t already.

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Vontade de atirar pela janela o WD Elements. Sem WD Backup e Security. Propaganda enganosa !!!