WD anywhere backup for win 10


I have a MYBookWorld network attached drive that I have been using for years. I have used the WD Anywhere Backup software that came with it. Now I have updated my computers to Windows 10 and the Anywhere Backup software wont work on it. There doesn’t seem to be any software update for it and compatability settings don’t seem to help either.

What is the recomended solution or update for this.

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Hi there,

This software is only supported on XP SP3, Vista and 7, you can try to right click on the software and see if it can run on windows 7 compatibility, you should be able to see this under properties for the software.

Thanks for your reply ArMak,

I have tried various compatability settings and have not had any luck with it.

I really liked how the WD Anywhere Backup worked and I would like to find a solution to this. If not then what other software is recomended to use with this product? Is’nt WD supporting it anymore?

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maybe this will help WD anywhere backup
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