WD 7500aax ext drive will not work

I have an older WD External drive - 750 Gb Model WD 7500aac (S/N WCASM0025474) I have not used it for many years…attempted to gain access to it today and nothing. It powers up…but I do not even see if on my Win Explorer… Any ideas ?

does it appear in Disk Management ?

click … Control Panel \ System and Security \ Administrative Tools \ Computer Management \ Disk Management


NO, it does not. The blue light is on (plugged into DC adapter) and the “windows two tone” sounds when I plug into the USB hub…BUT nothing per your instructions in Disk Management.

1st thing i would try is Not using a USB hub and plug it directly into your PC in case the USB hub is faulty or not working correctly.

Also try a different USB cable and also try plugging the hard drive it into a different PC.

You could also try removing the hard drive from the enclosure and inserting it into a 3rd party USB enclosure. (in case the fault is with the enclosure and logic board) If the WD is a 3.5" it should use standard SATA connections.

If it still not recognized … then that’s not good.
Googling around for the solution at many websites, the results are trying to Initialize, Format, Re-Partition to attempt to solve the problem. All of which are Data Destructive and will wipe everything.

Sorry, i don’t have a definitive answer to fix the problem :frowning: