Portable drive WD blue doesnt show up on my computer

My WD blue drive doesnt show up when i connect it to my pc, i have tried on another pc to, same. I ve changed the connection cable too, same problem. pc doesn t see it. professional photos for my dental practice on it. Can i make it connectable again?

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Windows 7 on the pc

You may use the following short way to resolve the WD external hard drive not detected, recognised, or showing up issue by yourself:

  1. Switch the USB port or cable so that the WD external hard drive may be detected.

If it doesn’t work, follow the next set of instructions.

  1. Select Start > Search > type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  2. Launch Device Manager and expand controllers for Universal Serial Bus.
  3. Select Properties by doing a right-click on the USB Root Hub.
  4. Select Power Management, then deselect To conserve electricity, let the computer switch off this appliance.

You may then use the disc once more if you restart your computer and reattach the WD external hard drive.
Restart the computer in safe mode and see whether the WD external hard drive appears.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Update & Security.
  2. Restart now by selecting the Recovery > Advanced Startup tab.
  3. PC will begin booting into a different Startup Settings screen automatically.
  4. To restart your computer in Safe Mode, use the F4 key.
    Next, see if the WD external hard drive appears. If not,

Change the drive letter to make the WD External Hard Drive seem recognised.
The other method is to use the Disk Management tool to modify the drive letter to enable an unrecognised or invisible WD external hard disc to appear on the PC:

Right-click This PC/My Computer and choose Choose Manage.
Select Disk Management. Locate your external hard drive, then select Change Drive Letter and Path from the context menu that appears.

Hi there. I have the same issue. Not located in file manager. Can’t find it in Disk management either. But it does show up in Device manager and it says - Device is working properly. I am not sure what else to do as I feel like I have exhausted google and tried all the options.

Similar issue on My Passport Ultra. It’s not showing up on Windows File Explorer but is detected by Disk Management but the only option available is to Convert to Dynamic disk - it’s Online but can’t assign drive letter or format.

WD Utilities detects is as well and it has passed all the three tests (SMART, quick, & full/complete).

Lastly, with the drive plugged in directly to the Win10 laptop, or any other laptop, the drive’s LED keeps blinking and never stops. I don’t have another cable to test and find if it’s a cable issue or worse.

UPDATE: Turns out the drive was formatted on an Android TV as and shows up empty there. Erasing the drive using the WD Drive Utilities w/ NTFS format made the drive visible in Windows again.