WD 4TB Head Replacement Issues


My WD 4TB (WDBYFT0040BBK) fell down from the table and it shows a drive letter once connected to PC. Disk Management shows “not initialized”. It was opened by a technician and I was told that the Heads affected. He gave me photos of the affected heads.

My question is that if the heads are replaced, will it function like what it used to earlier. Where can I get the Heads to buy from? If I buy same model and take out the heads temporarily to put in the affected drive for recovering/transferring data, will this be a feasible option?

Appreciate guidance and advice from the forum on this.


If you want any chance of recovering your data contact a qualified data recovery sevice.


If you don’t know the answer to that question then you should not be even be attempting it.

Head/Platter swapping is something that requires skill and experience and the correct tools and environment to perform the surgery.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and have no experience … then don’t do it.

you’ll make it worse and increase the chances of your data being gone for good (if it haven’t already, after your ‘technician’ took the drive apart)