3 TB My Book Essential Damaged


My HDD had fallen from the table to the floor. Handed it over to the HDD recovery center, which could not fix it due to the following reason:

  • Magnetic head block damaged

  • Critical mechanical damages of magnetic layer

Basically they said the following:

All 8 reading heads are broken. Dust got on the disk [probably because the 1st recovery center I handed it over to did not deal with it properly]. You need to buy a disk donor and exchange the heads.

This is the video of how my HDD behaves when switched on:


Could anyone please give a suggestion of how I can get the information from my HDD? Would be very much appreciated! Thanks



Sorry to hear you can’t access your files. Hard drive repairs are not supported by WD but you can contact any of the Data recovery partnerds on the support page for a second option, some of them can give you a free evaluation of your drive.

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