WD 2TB My Book - Blinking LED (intermittent scratching noise)

Hello everyone,

I wonder if someone could help me. I’ve had my 2TB external for some time now, probably a couple of years, but only recently has it started to act up. I first noticed that every once in a while there would be a loud scratching sort of noise coming from it. This would happen for a couple of seconds every few days. Then, the scratching got worse, and as it did the drive became slower to read from.

Then, it becamse completely unreadable at times, with me having to manually unplug and plug it back in again to even get it to show up in Finder. I also noticed the LED lights on the front panel would blink (but only at the top and the bottom, the middle section of the LED strip would remain off). I’ve since bought it into work and taken everything from the drive, formatted to Mac OS Extended Journaled (originally it was ExFAT), repaired and rebuilt the drive using DiskWarrior and then formatted it AGAIN to make sure it was totally clean. I even repaired it via Disk Utility just in case. Since then the drive hasn’t blinked at me and hasn’t made the scratching noise, although there’s nothing on the drive so I guess it has no reason to.

Has anyone encountered this before? The last thing I want to do is through away a drive that might just be having a bad day, or reload stuff back to the drive knowing that it actually is on it’s last legs.


Hi and welcome to the WD community

It would be wise to test copying some files and then moving them from one place to the drive and the other way around so you can see if the drive makes the sounds again. to be on the safe side test the drive before making the decision.