6TB My Book Studio II Blinking Light issue?

Hi, I just bought a 6TB My Book Studio II to replace a 3 year old dying 2TB My Book Studio drive. It was fine and dandy for the last couple of days of restoring and constant use. But today, within 30 mins after waking the computer, The bottom LED started blinking in cycles of 1 min. over and over again and it hasnt stopped since. I’ve looked everywhere trying to find out what this meant, but I still cant figure it out. I thought it might be an over heating issue, and I shut it down for a couple of hours. But as soon as I powered it back on, it started flashing again.

WD Drive Manager says that the drive(s) is fine, Green lights for all.

here is a link to a video I shot of the blinking. Note that it’s just the bottom light. Also, (not shown in the video) every once in awhile instead of this steady blinking, it flashes super fast, like its almost vibrating fast. But same thing, seems to be 1 minute at a time, then the lights cycle and start over again.

Does anyone know what this is? Is it something I need to worry about?

This indicates the unit has a physical failure

this light is not support to blink like this

backup and contact WD for a replacement 

wow, for real?!

WD’s really hitting homeruns with these ext drives, this is the 5th ext drive in a row that Ive bought from them that has failed in less then a month. I dont know why I keep doing this to myself…