No signal and blinking light

Hi all.

Iv’e had my WD external hardrive 2tb for about 1.5 years now and never had any problems with it. I was using it yesterday, then switched HDMI cables(my TV only has 2 slots for HDMI), and when I went to switch back to the harddrive to watch a film, a ‘No Signal’ message popped up on my TV. This always happens until I press a button on my control and the normal WD screen pops up with the normal options of Videos, music etc etc. This time the ‘No Signal’ stays on the screen and I can’[t get the hard drive to work. Iv’e tried changing the HDMI and swapping others around. Iv’e tried the power cable, holding the power button in for 3 seconds, I pressed the reset button on the bottom, but nothing seems to work.

I can still access every file on my hardrive through the link on my computer so everything is still there, I just can’t get it to come on my TV

Does anyone else suggest I try something else or have they done something which worked who had the same problem?

Hi, what model do you have? Have you tried connecting the hard drive to a PC to see if it’s recognized there?