WD 2 TB Drive no longer Accessible after a fall

Please can you contact me.My WD drive dropped on the floor and i have not been able to access anything inside of it.It shows LED light when connected.It doesnt show in “My Computer” but it makes clicking sounds for about 5seconds and in Computer Management it shows as Disk1 and says “Disk not Initialized”. When i try to initialize it with the Masters Boot Record Option ,i get " The system cannot find the file specified". I need you to help with a solution to my problem.

Please you can contact me on skype so i can share my screen with you to see the behaviour of the 2TB WD External Harddrive.My Skype ID is dami_b and my whatsapp gsmno is 2348032307740.

If you dropped it, you probably “unloaded” the heads onto the platters. There’s not much you can do about it other than hire a data recovery company to see if they can repair it.

Unless you have access to a cleanroom or similar environment, it’s not a do-it-yourself repair.

Thanks a lot Tony Man.I do appreciate.The challenge is that i cant get anyone here with the right experience and skill to repair it.

Do you know if i can send it to some Data Recovery person or Company in your location?

I am in Lagos Nigeria.

Thanks once again.

Hello Tony,I opened up the Drive with the help of an expert and the attached is the result.The head is not on the platter.

I still could not read the contents.It still makes the clicking sounds

Well, it’s pretty much academic now… Opening a drive outside of a clean environment will pretty much guarantee its destruction. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hello Drdre,

I hope you resolved your problem.

Dropping a hard drive can lead the data loss situation, and the only experts can analyze the problem. There is various kind of sound hard drive produces like grinding, clicking, torn noises, etc. and all these are for different purpose. After dropping ‘disk is not initialized’ that means there is some damage in circuitry. So do not use any hit and trial method if your data is important and get an experts consultation. And as @TonyPh12345 said hard drive requires to open in clean room environment; do not open it by yourself because it can prone to further damage.

Thank You StellarData,

The drive is fried now as i am not able to retrieve any of my data.All attempt to recover proved abortive.I just have the drive staring at me at home.

Its so painful to lose over 1.5TB of data

Dear @Drdre,

Don’t lose your hope; there are many companies available which provide data recovery service you can obtain their services. But make sure they have class 100 clean room to open the hard drive.

Where do i get such companies.


You can search online for best data recovery services at your location. You can also check Ontrack, StellarDataRecoveryUK etc.

~ Hope it helps you !!