Dropped Hard drive

I have dropped my hard drive and when i have connected it to the computer, all I can hear is it turning and the side light is still on, but nothing is coming up at all… Frustrating… can someone help


Sorry, what?

You posted in the Media Player section – and these players don’t have HD’s.


This is not a good news as you know. Most dropped hard drive will suffer mechanical failure wether on the heads, the platters (where data are store) or else.

Check if the drive is detected in disk management or in the Bios. if not:

You need to check  if the problem is coming from the external usb box or cables or the drive itselfs? For this you need to open the box but you will lose any warranty from WD.

Does your hard drive makes a clking sound? You can check some noises on this link for reference.

Let us know…