Water-Damaged WD MyBook Studio Edition II Quad Interface 6TB

Hello, this is my 1st post and the reason why I joined. I have a water-damaged hard drive 6TB that had water on-or-in it for 1 day and then I dried it out. I see no water corrosion damage anywhere on the drive itself or the internal control board in the chassis or housing.

This hard drive would not power up when plugged into a 15" MacBook Pro but it did when plug into a 27" iMac using the same stock AC adapter. The power status with the 27" iMac has the front light blinking but no spinning of the platters.

I read that it could be a problem with the control board in the housing unit and to use a SATA-USB connector straight into the computer which I’ve done to no avail. I’ve tried this 3.3V pin tape-hack explained in Step 14 here -

…and still nothing on both drives. I don’t know what else I can do which is why I’m asking you. Some extra links to the exact model I have with the online manual and attached photos. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Online Manual - User manual Western Digital My Book Studio II (English - 36 pages)


If I bought a SATA Hot-Swap Docking Station (if they come set up for RAID 0 drives, I don’t know?) would the drives sync up and work or would they not because the raid configuration may be stored in the PCB of the old housing - the WD MyBook Studio Edition II casing that it came with?

Also if I bought a new-used My Book Studio Edition II only to use the housing and pull out the new drives and replace them with my old drives…

I was told that I don’t want to install them into another My Book Studio Edition II chassis only for the new housing PCB to detect that there was a change of drives and that new housing PCB will “helpfully” wipe the partition information so I can use them as empties, loosing all of my data.

Would either or both of these 2 statements be true? Anyone have any experience with these particular RAID 0 setup WD drives?

I don’t think this forum works since its been 2 weeks with no advice. The only reply is my own 2nd question to keep this thread in focus somewhat but this is not an effective forum to assist users in need.

Hi @SennaSempre,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

yes I did actually, I talked to WD a few times where they transferred me to a Tech Support Level 2 or 3 rep in Cali and he couldn’t give me any good answers either. WD gave me ZERO help :frowning:

…and this forum is of ZERO help as well… one would think that since it is an actual official WD forum that someone at WD would lift a finger to type into their keyboard and put atleast a little effort into helping out one of their customers …but I guess not ridiculously sadly. NEVER buying WD again.